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    Winter holidays 2016, Davos-Klosters

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    It was my dream – to Spend the winter holidays in the swiss Alps! :) It became true! I spent a few fabulous days in Davos-Klosters!

    Davos and Klosters are located in the canton Graubunden, in Switzerland. It’s a great destination for the winter holidays.

    You already know another city which is also located in the canton Graubunden – it’s St. Moritz. The post about St. Moritz you can find here ->  St. Moritz – legendary destination

    Klosters Dorf is a village, located next to the Madrisa mountain.

    We rented an apartment there from airbnb. It was a great flat, located in 5 min walking from the Klosters Dorf train station. It had a mountains view and an easy access of the cable-cart (no more than 2 min walking).

    There was an excellent restaurant in Klosters Dorf, called Pizzeria Al Berto. It’s an Italian restaurant with the warm, cosy atmosphere. The food was wonderful. The restaurant was always full, we were lucky to get a table at the first day without the reservation, so, further we did a reservation for the dinners a few days ahead.

    Good to know: 

    • Getting to Klosters Dorf, from Zurich, by train:

    Zurich – Landquart – Klosters Dorf.

    • Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.
    • In winter Pizzeria Al Berto works from 11:00 to 22:30.
    • Pizzeria Al Berto is required reservation during the winter holidays.
    • It took around 30 min by train to go from Klosters Dorf to Davos Platz.
    • It took around 10 min by bus or 5 min by train from Klosters Dorf to Klosters Platz.

    Only one thing was inconvenient in Klosters Dorf for me – it’s the lack of a supermarket and the places where I could buy some coffee in the morning, or had a breakfast. At least I couldn’t find! But I found a solution – I took a bus, and in 10 min I’ve arrived to Klosters Platz, where were a lot of supermarkets, kiosks and restaurants.

    Klosters Platz was a bit larger than Klosters Dorf and an absolutely lovely place!

    Klosters Platz had a big supermarket, plenty of restaurants, hotels and stores. There were a few ways getting there from Klosters Dorf: trains, buses or taxi. For me, the bus was the best option because it was running more frequent, and the bus stop was next to the apartment. In Klosters Platz, I was always coming to the small bakery, called Schneider, at the train station. I got my morning delicious coffee and vanilla pastry there. The town had a lot of sport stores for renting and fixing the equipment. For example, we rented a snowboard and also repaired my skis in the Andrist store. I liked friendly and professional team, which worked there!

    Good to know:

    Prices for the rent at the Andrist store:

    Ski : for adults

    • from 28 to 60 CHF (depends on the ski type) for 1 day
    • from 52 to 105 CHF for 2 days
    • from 67 to 145 CHF for 3 days

    Snowboard: for adults

    • from 28 to 38 CHF for 1 day
    • from 52 to 70 CHF for 2 days
    • from 67 to 87 CHF for 3 days


    • 10 CHF for 1 day
    • 16 CHF for 2 days
    • 21 CHF for 3 days

    More information about prices and services you can find here ->

    New Year celebration in Davos Platz.

    We celebrated New Year in Davos Platz. We had a wonderful dinner at the Steakhouse Buffalo, which had a great selection of meat. At the same building there was a bar, where we actually met New Year. There was a fun 70s party, but people were a bit eccentric and drunk! :) Reminded me partys in my hometown! :) And, of course, there were a lot of fireworks all around the city! The problem was coming back to Klosters Dorf. Public transportation didn’t work at night, and taxi services were occupied.

    In Klosters Platz the new year started with a fun celebration and the pig race!

    All afternoon on 1st of January, in Klosters Platz I enjoyed street food, live music and piggy racing on the square in front of the Alpina Hotel. Pig race was so funny:) I have never seen something like this! Some people even did the bets! :) The short funny video about this pig race on my YouTube Channel.

    I went to Jakobshorn in Davos Platz for skiing.

    Skier or snowboarder? :) I’m a skier! :) And what about you? In Davos Platz there was a cable-cart to the top of Jakobshorn! At the top, you can enjoy the view of the Swiss Alps, have lunch at the restaurant and even ski all the way down! There was also a nice restaurant at the foot of Jakobshorn, called Bolgen Plaza. It had a great choice of meals for the energy recovery after skiing.

    Unfortunately, at the time when I was in Davos-Klosters there wasn’t a lot of snow, that’s why not all the slopes were open and some of them had an artificial snow! Yet, I am a beginner, so, it was enough snow for me! :)

    The Madrisa mountain.

    This mountain was located directly in Klosters Dorf. It’s lower than Jakobshorn, but also beautiful. Due to not enough of snow, only one slope for the beginners and the Madrisa Land for kids were open. I’ve decided, I should definitely come there again later on during the winter holidays to enjoy the white, puffy snow! :)

    Ski-passes for the mountains could be ordered online or purchased at the entrance of the cable-cart.

    Good to know:

    Prices for the ski-passes:


    From 11:30 –  55 CHF

    From 13:00 – 47 CHF

    1 day pass – 64 CHF


    From 11:30 –  48 CHF

    From 13:00 – 42 CHF

    1 day pass – 54 CHF

    More information about ski-passes you can find on 

    I’m looking forward visiting Davos-Klosters again and not only in winter!

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH


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