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    Tag: Vegetarian

    Roasted baby pumpkins – cute little edible bowls, full of rich flavours

    Roasted baby pumpkins are delicious and easy to cook. Not only they are packed with flavours and healthy goodies, but also impressive to serve. Most importantly, it is a very versatile dish....

    Spanish Classics: Spanish Tortilla and Cyclo Torremilanos

    Spanish Classics: Spanish Tortilla and Cyclo Torremilanos, great combo for a weekend brunch. Egg dishes are probably the most popular food for breakfast, brunch or lunch all over the world. And who...

    Homemade Basil-Rucola Pesto

    This aromatic homemade basil-rucola pesto takes only 5 minutes to cook, but will enrich any of your dishes (veggies, pizza, pasta, quinoa...) with its beautiful fresh herbal aroma and amazing taste. INGREDIENTS: 1 big...