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    Staatskellerei Zürich, World-class Swiss Wine

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    Staatskellerei Zürich, World-class Swiss WineStaatskellerei Zürich, World-class Swiss Wine

    The following article is not meant for people under 18 years old for most European countries and 21 years old for USA and 25 years old for Sweden and certain other countries with the same age regulation for digital content about beverages containing alcohol. Therefore, if you aren’t above the legal drinking age in your country, please leave this article.

    Staatskellerei Zürich, World-class Swiss Wine

    We are continuing discovering extraordinary wines from the world’s best wine producers. Nowadays, Swiss wine is getting more and more popular especially among young customers and clientele who wants to discover first hand what is in the glass, perhaps even to see inside of the production process. Therefore, Swiss brands like Staatskellerei Zurich provide you this the opportunity. It is one of the largest wine producers in the region, that buys and processes grapes from over 90 producers from 26 Zurich municipalities.

    Located less than 50 km from Zurich, in the beautiful small village Rheinau, the cellars are surrounded by steep vineyards and spectacular views over the river Rhein. The wine heritage of Staatskellerei Zurich dates back to 778 AD, when the Benedictine monastery was built on a small island in the middle of the river. Since then, wine has been produced in the monastery cellars, and in 1862 the brand, as it is known now, was born. The team of the company combines more than 150 years of wine making traditions with latest innovations and winemaking technologies. However, some of the old oak barrels from the monastery days are still in use today.

    Good to know:

    • Staatskellerei Zurich has a rich history of winemaking, producing wines since 1862.
    • Company cooperates with more then 90 different winemakers throughout the canton of Zurich, buys and processes their grapes, creating outstanding wines.
    • All wines of Staatskellerei Zurich are vegan. That means the company doesn’t use any animal proteins for fining their wines.
    • Furthermore, two wines – Solaris and Lunaris are produced organically. Consequently, they are Demeter Certified wines, corresponding to the highest biodynamic and organic standards.
    • Since 1997, the company has been part of Mövenpick Wein AG. And you may find their wines at the Mövenpick wine cellars or online shop.
    • If you are from or planing travelling to Switzerland, you can book a guided tour to the cellars. In fact, you can combine it with a boat ride on the river, starting from the famous Rheinfalls.

    Some of My FAVOURITES from Staatskellerei Zurich

    2016 Éo Noir
    • Wine style: a full-bodied red wine with rich fruity aroma and velvety texture. The palate is full of red plumps and berries as well as balanced spices, thyme and walnut notes. Pairs best with red meat and mature cheeses.
    • Grapes: 70% Gamaret, 30% Merlot.
    • Alcohol Content: 13.0% vol.
    • Maturity: Now to 2025.
    • Manufacturing: 20 months in oak barrels.
    2017 Compleo Rosé
    • Wine style: a light and sweet rose, with a bouquet of fresh strawberries, blackberries and a hint of peach.
    • Grapes: 83% Pinot Noir, 17% Cabernet Jura.
    • Alcohol Content: 12.0% vol.
    • Maturity: Now to 2020.
    • Manufacturing: 5 months in steel tanks.
    2018 Pankraz Pinot Noir Rosé
    • Wine Style: richer and deeper than a regular rose, but still fresh and fruity. Excellent accompaniment to dried meat, barbecue, fondue or cheese platters and pasta.
    • Grape: 100% Pinot Noir.
    • Alcohol Content: 13.5% vol.
    • Maturity: enjoy young.
    • Manufacturing: 4 months in steel tanks
    2018 Pankraz Sauvignon blanc
    • Wine style: an aromatic white wine, best to be enjoyed young, but can also be stored for couple of years.
    • Grapes: 100% Sauvignon Blanc.
    • Alcohol Content: 13.0% vol.
    • Manufacturing: 4 months in steel tanks.
    2015 Pankraz Prestige Barrique
    • Wine style: a red wine with delicate roasted and berries aroma with a touch of vanilla note. The premium Pinot Noir is aged for 12 months in the oak barrels. Nice accompaniment to the red meat, also great with semi-hard cheese and fondue.
    • Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir.
    • Alcohol Content: 13.0% vol.
    • Maturity: Young enjoyment possible, but at its best after 6 to 10 years.
    • Manufacturing: 21 months in steel tanks and 12 months in the oak barrels.
    2016 Lunaris Demeter
    • Wine style: a full-bodied red wine with the black pepper and chocolate aroma and velvet dark berries palate with a hint of spices and roasted coffee. The best for the red meat and semi-hard cheese as well as fondue.
    • Grapes: 70% Monarch, 30% Cabernet Jura.
    • Alcohol Content: 12.0% vol.
    • Maturity: Young enjoyment possible at its best after 6 to 10 years.
    • Manufacturing: 20 months in oak barrels.
    2018 Solaris
    • Wine style: Fresh and fruity white wine with floral aroma and apricots and pineapple notes. Great pairing for the cream sauces, chicken, polenta and cheese.
    • Grapes: 100% Solaris.
    • Alcohol Content: 13.5% vol.
    • Maturity: Now to 2021.
    • Manufacturing: 6 months in steel tanks.

    More information about wines you can always find on Staatskellerei Zurich and Mövenpick Wein websites. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH.


    I was thrilled to visit the Staatskellerei and sneak peek behind the scene of the wine production process, guided by the incredible team of Christoph Schwegler, Fabio Montalbano and Catherine Touton. We went down to the historic wine cellar, checked the steel tanks and oak barrels. After, had a walk to the steep vineyards, while learning important details about grapes and wines. And then, of course, wine tasting in the stylish tasting room on the Klosterplatz. The whole experience was incredible.

    If you are interested in visiting Staatskellerei Zurich, you may find more information about its guided tours and events on the official website.

    As always, You are welcome to share your experience and wine choices in the comments below.

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    Be healthy and wealthy! :)

    Yuliia Caliskan
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