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    Thun is the city of the emerald water

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    Thun is a city in the canton of Bern. The city is located where the river Aare flows out of Thun Lake.

    Although I spent only a couple of hours in the city because my target was Oberhofen Castle, I found some interesting places to visit in this short time.

    Places I visited in Thun:

    • The Old Town.

    Like in all Swiss cities Thun has the charming Old Town. Beautiful architecture of streets tells the history of the city. There are a lot of cute boutiques and restaurants along the small streets. The Old Town leads to the castle of Thun.

    • Rathaus and Rathausplatz.

    The Town Hall and the Town Hall Square is a historical centre of the city. One can find nice, cosy restaurants and hotels around here, as well as, short cut to the castle.

    • Thun Castle.

    The castle was built in the 12th century. It’s located up on the hill, overlooking the city, the Old Town and the river Aare. The castle is distinguished by its architecture and the unusual for the ancient castle white-color walls. Nowadays, a National Museum is also located on the castle territory.

    • The river Aare and Thun Lake.

    The city is located where the river Aare flows out of Thun Lake. The river and the lake are famous for their emerald water. It’s a fantastic place for walking along the banks, enjoying the water and the view of the mountains. The real pleasure, however, is to see the river and the lake from one of the cruise ships. One can go to different castles and mountains by boat. I think it’s the best way to travel on the lake. The famous castles which are located on the lake are: Schloss Schadau, Schloss Oberhofen, Schloss Spiez.

    The post about Oberhofen Castle you can find here -> Oberhofen Castle

    I’m sure, there are so much more to see and to do in Thun. I’m looking forward visiting Thun again!

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH


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