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    Experience Mindful Luxury at The Alpina Gstaad in Switzerland

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    Experience Mindful Luxury at The Alpina Gstaad in SwitzerlandExperience Mindful Luxury at The Alpina Gstaad in Switzerland

    Discover the unparalleled luxury and serene Alpine chic at The Alpina Gstaad.

    Nestled on a hillside overlooking the picturesque village of Gstaad, The Alpina Gstaad is an embodiment of mindful luxury and Alpine chic. This 5-star resort stands as a contemporary masterpiece of Swiss design, offering an exclusive blend of wellness, culinary excellence, and art.

    Why is Gstaad so famous?

    Gstaad has gained international fame for its upscale charm, luxury ski resorts, and as a playground for the rich and famous. Its stunning Alpine scenery and exclusive experiences make it a must-visit destination.

    Is Gstaad expensive? Reflecting its luxury offerings, Gstaad is indeed a high-end destination known for its opulent hotels, gourmet restaurants, and exclusive ski facilities.

    Is Gstaad worth a visit? Absolutely. With its breathtaking Alpine landscapes, luxurious amenities, and many activities, Gstaad offers a unique and memorable experience. The village has been a favourite among celebrities like Madonna, Anne Hathaway, and other high-profile personalities, who often visit or own properties here.

    The Alpina Gstaad’s Distinctive Features:

    Who owns Alpina Gstaad? The Alpina Gstaad is owned by a group of investors like Jean Claude Mimran and Marcel Bach. Gracing the world of luxury hotels since December 2012, The Alpina Gstaad has established itself as a pinnacle of upscale hospitality.

    Rooms at Alpina Gstaad: The Alpina Gstaad hotel features 56 thoughtfully designed rooms and suites that seamlessly blend traditional Swiss elements with modern luxury.

    Why Alpina is special: It is a remarkable destination due to its commitment to sustainable luxury, exclusive wellness facilities such as the Six Senses Spa, and a harmonious blend of traditional and modern Swiss architecture.

    Sustainable Luxury and Exquisite Comfort

    Every detail at The Alpina Gstaad reflects a commitment to the environment. From sustainable materials to a zero-waste approach in the kitchen, the hotel exemplifies luxury with responsibility. The architecture, featuring reclaimed timber and rustic charm, complements its luxurious amenities, creating an atmosphere of elegant, authentic Alpine style.

    Details about Alpina Gstaad:

    • Getting there: from Zurich by train or by car, it would take approx. 3 hours. You can also fly to Gstaad Saanen Airport.
    • The hotel features an exclusive Six Senses Spa, the only one in Switzerland.
    • This luxury hotel has three gourmet restaurants. The restaurant SOMMET serves contemporary cuisine and has one Michelin star and 18/20 Gault Millau points. MEGU is a Japanese restaurant crowned with one Michelin star and 16/20 Gault Millau points. Finally, the traditional restaurant SWISS STÜBLI, with local specialities such as raclette and fondue.
    • Furthermore, a warm and welcoming bar lounge, a charming wine-tasting room, a cosy private cinema, an elegant ballroom, and multiple boardrooms are available for guests’ convenience.
    • The hotel is pet-friendly, so that you can bring your furry friend. They’ll be more than welcome!
    The Alpina Gstaad, The Six Senses Spa

    Wellness and Culinary Delights

    The Six Senses Spa, unique to Switzerland, offers a sanctuary for rejuvenation, harmonising energy flow and promoting mindfulness-based stress reduction.

    The hotel’s three gourmet restaurants showcase a unique character, each perfectly representing the original style of the property. Led by Executive Chef Martin Göschel, the culinary offerings are a gastronomic delight.

    The hotel boasts an exquisite art collection that is a true feast for the eyes and soul. The collection is complemented by many social projects, and the resort often hosts environmental forums, congresses, and creative workshops.

    The Alpina Gstaad redefines luxury in hospitality, balancing impeccable service with a down-to-earth approach.

    For more information on availability and rates, visit the Alpina Gstaad official website.

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