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    Tag: Quick and Easy Food

    Spitzbuben – Delicate, Buttery Cookies – Best Recipe

    Spitzbuben is a delicious little festive treat with rich buttery flavours and its signature cut-out-centre with refreshing red currant jam. A perfect cookie has a delicate buttery texture with elegant notes of...

    Spanish Classics: Spanish Tortilla and Cyclo Torremilanos

    Spanish Classics: Spanish Tortilla and Cyclo Torremilanos, great combo for a weekend brunch. Egg dishes are probably the most popular food for breakfast, brunch or lunch all over the world. And who...

    Messy Chocolate Pears

    Messy Chocolate Pears is a simple, quick and gorgeous dessert. Inspired by the recipe from the Jamie Oliver book "Quick & Easy Food", I adapted it a bit to the ingredients that I...