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    Glenmorangie A Tale of Winter – New Whisky for Frosty Days

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    Glenmorangie A Tale of Winter – New Whisky for Frosty DaysGlenmorangie A Tale of Winter – New Whisky for Frosty Days

    The following article is not meant for people under 18 years old for most European countries and 21 years old for USA and 25 years old for Sweden and certain other countries with the same age regulation for digital content about beverages containing alcohol. If you aren’t above the legal drinking age in your country please leave this post and read another post. :)

    Glenmorangie A Tale of Winter is a limited edition 13-year-old single malt Scotch whisky. Re-matured in Sicilian Marsala wine casks, it shines with candied fruits, honey, cocoa and warm Christmas spice notes.

    Glenmorangie A Tale of Winter

    Good to know:

    • Category: Single Malt.
    • Colour: Amber.
    • Strength: 46.0 % Alc. by volume.
    • Cask type: Re-matured in Marsala wine casks from Sicily.
    • On the nose: spicy notes, classic scent of Marsala with overripe fruit. A hint of orange toffee blends with a fragrant top note of lavender honey and sweet rose. When you add a little water, caramelised fruits appear, such as oranges and pears with hints of sandalwood, Brazil nut and pine.
    • On the palate: fruity, slightly peppery flavours paired with sweet, nutty notes – cocoa powder, red pepper, Brazil nut toffee and sweet barley malt.
    • Finish: a long-lasting, spicy aftertaste of cloves, ginger and cinnamon with a touch of sweet demerara sugar.
    • Glenmorangie distillery: Glenmorangie single malt Scotch whisky comes from the Scottish Highlands. The distillery, officially founded in 1843, and is known as a whisky pioneer, combining tradition with innovation.
    • In Switzerland, Glenmorangie A Tale of Winter is available from 87.- CHF.

    The vibrant wintery flavours also inspire cosy cocktails that are easy to make at home!

    Winter Apple Toddy

    Winter Apple Toddy whisky cocktail


    • 50ml Glenmorangie X Whisky
    • 75ml apple juice
    • 25ml lemon juice
    • 1 tsp of honey
    • Cinnamon sugar for glass decor


    Firstly, gently heat all the ingredients, except the whisky, in a saucepan. Do not allow to boil. Next, moisten the rim of a heatproof glass cup, dip it in cinnamon sugar in reverse, and then fill with the hot apple and lemon juice. Finally, add the Glenmorangie X and stir.
    Garnish with orange zest in strips.

    Winter Old Fashioned

    Winter Old Fashioned whisky cocktail


    • 50ml Glenmorangie A Tale of Winter
    • 1 tsp Demerara Sugar
    • 3 dashes Angostura Bitters


    Pour all ingredients into glass and stir to dissolve sugar. Fill with cubed ice. Stir to chill and slightly dilute.
    Garnish with a cinnamon stick and orange peel.

    Pumpkin Scotch Latte

    Glenmorangie Pumpkin Scotch Latte Cocktail



    Pour all ingredients into a heatproof glass or cup and stir well. Garnish: milk foam, thin orange slice dusted with cinnamon.

    Quinta Hot Chocolate

    Glenmorangie Quinta Hot Chocolate Cocktail


    • 50ml Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban
    • 50g dark chocolate (chopped or broken up)
    • 50ml double cream
    • Pinch of salt
    • 1 tsp Demerara Sugar (to taste)


    Pour all ingredients into a saucepan and bring to a simmer on low heat until the chocolate has completely melted. Do not allow to boil. Pour into a glass.

    Fireside Mule

    Glenmorangie Fireside Mule cocktail


    • 50ml Glenmorangie The Original
    • 125ml ginger beer
    • 25ml lemon juice
    • 25ml apple juice
    • Some sugar, dash of Angostura bitters


    Gently heat all the ingredients in a saucepan. Do not allow to boil. Pour into a heatproof glass cup. Garnish: ginger biscuit.

    Photo credits: Andrea Monica Hug.

    Photo credits: MonAme Magazine

    Which cocktail is your favourite? Let us know in the comment box below!

    Finally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH.

    Be healthy and wealthy!

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