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    Mövenpick Wine Fair Zurich 2018

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    Mövenpick Wine Fair Zurich 2018Mövenpick Wine Fair Zurich 2018

    The following article is not meant for people under 18 years old for most European countries and 21 years old for USA and 25 years old for Sweden and certain other countries with the same age regulation for digital content about beverages containing alcohol. Therefore, if you aren’t above the legal drinking age in your country please leave this post and read another post under the travel section. :)


    This year, you will find more than 40 winemakers and more than 250 wines from almost all grape-growing regions of the world. You will have a chance to expand your knowledge about premium wines, talk directly to the wine producers and get first-hand advises. Furthermore, taste and compare wines from different regions in the stylish atmosphere of the Papiersaal in Zurich.

    As a wine enthusiast, you surely have some exquisite wines in mind that you’ve always wanted to taste before purchasing. During the Mövenpick Wine Fair 2018, you could enjoy a glass of world’s best rarities and vintages (available for a surcharge fee).


    • Dates: October 27 – 28, 2018.
    • Location: Papiersaal, Sihlcity, Zurich.
    • Tickets: CHF 25.00 per person (incl. Catalog).
    • Working Hours:

    Saturday, 27 October 2018: 13:00 – 20:00.
    Sunday, 28 October 2018: 13:00 – 19:00.

    • Furthermore, all guests could benefit from special offers and additional 10% discount.
    • More information about Mövenpick Wine Fair you may find on the official website.

    my discoveries and choices this year:

    1.  Château Batailley (France, Bordeaux).

    Together with Château Trotte Vieille and other estates, it is a part of Borie-Manoux group, which was founded in 1870. Thus, it’s one of the biggest and oldest family owned French wine retailing companies. Impressively, Château Trotte Vieille  has some of the oldest grapevines of Bordeaux, as some of them are pre-Phylloxera, and thus more than 140 years old.

    • Château Trotte Vieille 1er Grand-Cru Classé “B” AOC Saint-Emilion, 2012.
    2.  Scheiblhofer (Austria, Burgenland).

    Recently, I visited and learned about this exquisite wines directly at the winery, so certainty was happy to see them at the wine fair and add a few bottles to my wine collection:

    • Big John Cuvée Reserve
    • Blaufränkisch Jois
    • Praittenbrunn Burgenland

    You may be interested to learn more about Scheiblhofer -> SCHEIBLHOFER WINE, AUSTRIAN DELIGHT AND SENSATION.

    3.  Staatskellerei Zürich (Switzerland, Zurich). 

    It is one of the largest wine producers in German-speaking Switzerland. The company knowingly combines over 150 years of wine tradition with the latest wine-making technologies. The Staatskellerei Zurich buys and processes the grapes from 90 different producers throughout the canton of Zurich. It is also my favourite regional wine, that I believe has a potential to be appreciated both nationally and internationally.

    • Pankraz Sauvignon Blanc
    • Solaris Demeter, Chorb Rheinau
    • ÉO Noir
    • Compleo Rosé
    4.  Gialdi, Brivio (Switzerland, Ticino). 

    These wine cellars, partly built into the mountain, use the air currents that circulate in the Monte-Generoso-Massiv. Therefore, ensuring a constant temperature throughout the year and an ideal climate for wine storage.

    • Bianco Rovere, Ticino DOC
    • 2013 36 Trentasei, Merlot, Ticino DOC

    Interesting fact,  Gialdi is also producing white wine from red Merlot grapes (Terre Alte Bianco). It is very fresh and fruity wine, with delicate mineral finish.

    5.  Torremilanos (Spain, Ribera del Duero).

    The winemaking tradition of Torremilanos dates back to 1903. Moreover, this family owned winery has the Organic and Biodynamic certificates and exceptional quality wines.

    • Torremilanos Crianza
    • Torre Albéniz Reserva
    • Cyclo, Finca Torremilanos
    6.  Frescobaldi (Italy, Tuscany). 

    It is a renowned family owned Italian winery with over 700 years of wine history. I always enjoy discovering new fine wines of the brand.

    • Tenuta Perano, Chianti Classico DOCG
    • Tenuta Perano Riserva, Chianti Classico DOCG
    7.  Orin Swift Cellars (USA, California).

    This wine surely surprised me by its complexity and distinctive taste. Each bottle has an interesting story behind and signature style of the company.

    • Sauvignon Blanc Blank Stare
    • Abstract California
    • Zinfandel Signature Series
    • 2015 Papillon

    SO, These were some of my favourites this year. You are also welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

    Beside the wine fair, you can likewise check and purchase all displayed wines at the Mövenpick wine cellars and online store.

    Finally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH.


    Yuliia Caliskan
    Yuliia Caliskan
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