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    Creamy Pumpkin Soup With Truffle Croutons: A Perfect Fall Comfort Food

    Pumpkin soup is a favourite comfort food for many, especially during the chilly fall season. Its simplicity, combined with its delicious and nutritious profile, makes it a must-try. Whether you're cosying up...

    Jucker Farm – Pumpkins Festival At The Beautiful U-Pick Farm

    Jucker Farm (Juckerhof) is a beautiful family-owned Swiss farm located in Seegräben near Zurich, overlooking the lake Pfäffikon. U-pick fruits and vegetables, enjoy a colourful pumpkin exhibition and buy locally grown produce.  The Juckerhof...

    Winter picnic, 5 simple steps

    Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy frosty air with friends and loved ones on a winter picnic We have defined 5 easy steps and useful tips for organising a perfect stress-free winter...