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    New Jersey – Garden State

    here we came to USA, New Jersey! New Jersey was a beautiful, green state, with a lot of national parks, lakes, charming houses and numerous golf clubs. :) I stayed there with my husband for 3...

    Turkey is the oriental tale

    Merhaba! Welcome to Turkey! Ankara is the city with cat eyes! Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It’s located in the middle of the country. Climate was unusual for me. Mostly, it’s dry and...

    United Arab Emirates, Dubai

    I was so impressed by MY FIRST VISIT TO UAE, that decided - my next vacation I want to spend there again. And I did so! :)   Adventure in Abu Dhabi I decided to visit Abu Dhabi for one...

    Fabulous Vacation in UAE

    For the first time, I have been in UAE in summer during Ramadan. It was a bit extreme journey because the weather was very very hot and humid, but I had limited options because...

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