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    New York, the city never sleeps…

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    As soon as I went outside of THE PENN STATION IN NEW YORK, I saw a breathtaking view of skyscrapers and a river of famous yellow taxis!

    New York was incredible. Right next to the Penn Station was Maddison Squire Garden, a well-known indoor arena for basketball, ice hockey and others competitions, also used for the concerts of the popular singers. As for me, visiting New York was like a dream became true. It was amazing because I finally saw places which I saw in the moves. When I was walking along Manhattan I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, city had incredible energy, but on the other hand, I couldn’t feel safe. I think it’s related to the number of people on the streets. Tourists from all around the world, New Yorkers, Americans from different states all together were mixed on the streets and all of them were running somewhere. In fact, I was running too! :) I just had that feeling like I had to be in the same pace with a crowd. I’m sure a lot of people felt the same, when they visited New York for the first time! :)

    I had a couple of must visit places. Those were Empire State Building, Broadway, Times Square, 5-th Avenue and Central Park Zoo! :)

    Right after arriving I turned on in the player my favourite song – “New York, New York”, Frank Sinatra, and walked exploring this amazing city.

    Empire State Building is the magnificent symbol of New York.

    Empire State Building is an incredible men-made landmark with a stately architecture! From the top I could see all Manhattan with busy streets and the Central Park in the middle. As all attractions in New York, it was very crowded! In front of the entrance there were a lot of sales guys who proposed private tours to the building. I kindly rejected and didn’t regret. Despite the large number of tourists, the queue moved quite fast. Entrance fee was depended of which deck to visit. I went to the main deck on 86th floor. Entrance fee to that level was around 30$ per person. When I reached the top of this gorgeous building I wanted to sing the famous song of Frank Sinatra: “I wanna wake up, in a city that doesn’t sleep! And find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap…” :) Indeed, the energy of New York gives that feeling that if you have a dream, follow it, and if you can do it here, you can do it everywhere! :) I found New York very inspiring!

    The bright lights of Times Square.

    During walking through Broadway and enjoying every second on that wonderful street, I was excited to see the busiest and the brightest place in the city – Times Square! It exceeded all expectations! Bright lights of advertising were everywhere! Huge screens and billboards looked at me and winked with numerous ads. I felt like this place is the absolute centre of the enterprising. Taking a photo with the NY police department was unforgettable experience on Times Square!

    Central Park Zoo.

    Of corse, in New York plenty of nice places and museums, but I had a particular target, it’s the Central Park Zoo! I wanted to see the home of hilarious characters from my favourite animation – Penguins of Madagascar! Obviously, the Central Park Zoo is located in the Central Park! The main entrance is easy to find from 5th Avenue. I was walking throughout the park from Columbus Circle. Although the way was quiet long, it was a good escape from nosy streets and burning sun. Park was beautiful, fresh and green! I was expecting to see something big and crowded, but in real it’s a small and cute zoo. Entrance fee was around 12$ per person. Habitats looked good and comfortable for animals. I was excited to see penguins! They were so cute and cuddly! They were swimming, waving and smiling, while I and a couple of kids were trying to decide who is Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico among them! :)

    I was also impressed with Tropic Zone of the zoo! There are black-and-white ruffed lemur, boa, poison dart frog, amazing birds house (beautiful birds are flying right over the head)!

    Absolute star of the zoo is a snow leopard. I was struck with his grace and majesty. This magnificent big cat has posed for the photos like a supermodel.

    Coffee break on 5-th Ave.

    Let’s take a break and eat something. There are numerous restaurants, bars, fast food courts in NY. However, it was a challenge to find a place with a soup in the menu. Turns out soups, vegetables and fruits are more difficult to find and more expensive than the meat or fast food. I was too hungry for searching a good restaurant, so I took a sandwich and coffee in the closest Starbucks to the Central Park on the 5-th Avenue! By the way, Starbucks is a good solution because it could be found everywhere around the city, food options were mostly simple, but fresh, moreover, I could charge my phone there.

    New York never sleeps…

    Once, I stayed one night in the hotel called New Yorker. It was perfectly located on 8-th Avenue. It was very close to the Penn train station, Macy’s shopping mall, Broadway, Empire State Building, Bryant Park and a lot of others places. I had a chance to see the city at night, and I can tell, that New York never sleeps, indeed! The city was gorgeous and creepy at the same time during the night! Billions of lights from skyscrapers, crowded streets, people were still running somewhere and the same huge traffic on the roads. I hadn’t seen such a vivid night life in any other city! Yet, there were dark, freaky streets with the steam which was coming up from the ground ventilation lattices. With a simple logic these places are the stay away zones of the New York city! :)

    Of course, there are much more to see and visit in Big Apple, for example, Statue Of Liberty, Rockefeller center, Metropolitan Museum, Museum of modern arts, plenty of parks, night clubs and etc. So till next time! XoXo :)

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH


    Yuliia Caliskan
    Yuliia Caliskan
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