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    Discovering Ukraine, travel tips for Kharkov

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    Discovering Ukraine, travel tips for KharkovDiscovering Ukraine, travel tips for Kharkov

    Discovering Ukraine, travel tips for Kharkov

    Ukraine is a beautiful and culturally rich country. Despite the current political and economic situation, more and more people find Ukraine as a new exciting travel destination.

    I have the special warm feelings for one charming city – Kharkiv (Ukrainian), or Kharkov (Russian). It is the second largest city, known as the first capital of Ukraine, the city with one of the largest city squares in Europe, the city of students and of course my hometown! :)

    I haven’t lived in Kharkov for years, and even though a lot of my friends and family are still there, nowadays I come as a tourist and discover each time something new and interesting in the city.


    • Population of the city is around 1 500 000, about 300 000 of them are students.
    • There are 38 higher educational institutions in Kharkov.
    • Svobody (Freedom) Square is one of the largest city-squares in Europe.
    • Kharkiv Zoo is the oldest zoo in Ukraine and absolutely beautiful. However, currently is under construction.
    • The city has Children Small Southern Railway. The railway that is fully operated by children.
    • Derzhprom (House of State Industry) was the highest skyscraper in the USSR in 1930s.

    Transportation, ACCOMMODATION and food in Kharkov.

    You will need to use a taxi to move around the city. Good news is you can use Uber in Ukraine (at least in Kharkov, Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Odessa). There is also a metro in Kharkov, and I used it quite often. Sometimes, it conveniently helped to escape traffic jams.

    I preferred a downtown hotel, in order to save time in reaching the main attractions and nice restaurants.

    I found a new hotel – Pletnevskiy Inn, located in the heart of the city. 

    Good to know:

    • The hotel has been working since spring 2017.
    • All 22 comfortable rooms have unique design, climate control, minibar, safe and high-end furniture.
    • The location couldn’t be better. The hotel is located on Pletnivs’kyi Ln, which is the historical and business centre of the city.
    • The popular park Strelka (Arrow) with the newly renovated embankment of the rivers Lopan and Kharkov, as well as the metro station Maidan Konstytutsii are just 5 minutes walking from the hotel.
    • There are 2 supermarkets, Spar and Basket, close by and they work 24/7.
    • You will for sure enjoy the restaurant “Pletnevskiy” at the hotel. The restaurant has a great choice of Ukrainian and European cuisine. I have tried a lot from the menu during my stay, and must say the food was always super fresh and delicious. More information about the restaurant you may find on the official website.
    • Tasty breakfast was included into the room rate. By the way, the breakfast time is from 7:00 to 10:00, however, it was extended until 11:00 at the weekends. A small detail that made me feel super cosy! :)
    • All the personnel was incredible helpful and friendly. Exceptional and caring attitude to the guests has stolen my heart.

    More information and booking details for Pletnevskiy Inn you may on the official website.

    My list for eating and entertaining places in Kharkov:

    What is your favourite cafe, restaurant, night club or bar in Kharkov? You are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

    Parks in Kharkov

    Gorky Park (The Central park)

    Good to know:

    • One may say, it’s a Ukrainian Disneyland! :)
    • There are a lot of play yards and carousels for kids all around the park.
    • Adults may enjoy riding catapult, horror room, roller coaster, ‘somersault’ and etc.
    • The park has the biggest in Ukraine Ferris Wheel.
    • There is also an amazing rope park, which is suitable for both kids and adults.
    • You can also enjoy a ride on the cable car, playing at the sports grounds or walking by the lake.
    • Definitely stop by the retro park and have a look at cheerful dancing party of grandmas and grandpas.

    Park Shevchenko

    It’s a big park, located in the city centre. The park includes the Monument to Taras Shevchenko, the musical fountain, the Zoo (currently, is under construction) and the Kharkov Dolphinarium “Nemo”.

    The Kharkov Dolphinarium “Nemo”

    It is a unique complex that allow all the citizens and guests of the city get to know exciting world of dolphins and other sea animals.

    Good to know:

    • Dolphinarium works everyday except Mondays.
    • There are 3 performances a day: at 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00. The price is 200 UAH per person during week days, and 250 UAH per person on weekends.
    • The kids up to 5 years old – free of charge.
    • The romantic night show is every Saturday at 21:30. the price is 300 UAH per person.
    • I recommend to try swimming with dolphins (dolphins will swim with you 1 circle and as a
      gift you will receive a photo with dolphins) – 600 UAH per person.
    • There are also different dolphin therapies for kids, adults and even pregnant women.
    • More information you may find on the official website.

    Istochnik – The Spring

    It’s a park, located close to the metro “Botanichniy sad” and famous for the best mineral water spring in Kharkov. One more popular attraction in this park is the lake with river trouts. One can get a fishing rod, a bait, and go fishing! :) All caught fish is cleaned by helpful staff and purchased for a yummy dinner! :)

    Park Strelka (Arrow)

    Nowadays, it’s a new and a very trendy park on the shores of the rivers Kharkov and Lopan. Young people love it for its central location, romantic boat rides and specious green space, where food festivals and different fun activities are taken place.

    Feldman Ecopark

    Feldman ecopark is a huge park and an important social project, located just outside of the city. People love it for its zoo with a huge collection of animals (more than 2,000), programs for children with special needs, educational programmes, master classes, excursions and much more.

    Main sightseeings in Kharkov:

    • Mirror Stream.
    • Organ Hall.
    • The Monument to Taras Shevchenko.
    • Derzhprom (Gosprom) House of State Industry.
    • Svobody (Freedom) Square.
    • Lovebirds Monument.
    • Khram Svyatykh Zhen-Mironosits (Church of St. Wifes-Peacekeepers).
    • Monastery – Svyato-Pokrovskiy muzhskoy monastyr’.
    • Annunciation Cathedral.
    • Museum-Cafe of the South Railway.

    I hope these travel tips would make your journey to Kharkov pleasant and joyful.

    P.S.: A lot of people wonder when to visit Kharkov. Well, it depends… each season has its own charisma and beauty. In general the climate in Kharkov is humid continental –  with cold and snowy winters as well as dry and hot summers, springs and autumns are usualy rainy, however full of colours and many sunny days.

    More useful information for travelling to different countries and cities you may find on the TRAVELLING PAGE.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH.


    Yuliia Caliskan
    Yuliia Caliskan
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