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    Gotthard Base Tunnel 2016

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    On June 4 and 5, 2016 in Switzerland is public opening ceremony of Gotthard Base Tunnel. It’s a 57 km tunnel, the longest tunnel in the world.

    The Swiss technology, efficiency and hardworking give magnificent result. On this weekend all citizens and guests can celebrate the opening on the both sides of the tunnel. There are historical exhibitions, festivals and fun activities for everyone. If you are exited to see the tunnel from inside, you can take a Gotthard shuttle trains from north or south entrance.

    Good to know:

    • Places, where the celebrating takes place, are: north – Erstfeld and Rynächt; south – Pollegio and Biasca.
    • There are buses between these towns on both side of the tunnel.
    • Despite the weather, the festivals are very crowded, so, if you want to take a train through the tunnel, be prepared to wait in a queue.
    •  Ride through the tunnel on the Gotthard shuttle train takes 30 min.
    • Don’t forget to take some cash for the food and drinks.
    • During the celebration could be delays of trains in different directions. Check the app and timetables on the stations.

    More information about the Gotthard Base Tunnel and celebration on

    Interesting facts:

    • The first sketch for the Gotthard Base Tunnel was made 68 years ago, in 1947 by Carl Eduard Gruner.
    •  It took 11 years until final breakthrough and 17 years of construction.
    • The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world – 57 km.
    • The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the deepest tunnel in the world – in some places it’s 2300m deep in the mountain.
    • Over 300 trains will pass the tunnel every day.
    • 45 minutes faster from Zurich to Lugano.
    • In December 2016 the tunnel will start operating in full capacity.

    I’m really looking forward to save almost an hour while traveling to Lugano or Milan.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH


    Yuliia Caliskan
    Yuliia Caliskan
    As someone deeply immersed in the marketing and PR industry, my journey has led me to the Content and Publication Director position at MonAme Magazine. Our magazine is dedicated to promoting sustainable travel, culinary excellence, and an active lifestyle. During my earlier professional years, I had chosen to become a medical doctor specialising in Dermatology. Even today, I remain passionate about the latest advancements in dermatology and cosmetology. My professional path has also taken me to the role of Communications Manager at a medical NGO, where I found immense fulfilment in contributing to the community dedicated to improving the lives of people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. My diverse experiences fuel my motivation to make a positive impact and share inspiration for sustainable lifestyle.

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