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    St. Beatus Caves – Dragon’s Hideout In A Swiss Cave System

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    St. Beatus Caves – Dragon’s Hideout In A Swiss Cave SystemSt. Beatus Caves – Dragon’s Hideout In A Swiss Cave System

    St Beatus Caves are certainly one of the biggest highlights in the region near the lakes of Interlaken and Thun. The legend says a dragon, hunted by a monk St Beat in the 6th century, hid in this extraordinary web of tunnels.

    Electrically lighted, this easy walking trail goes through underground rivers, lakes and chambers. Revealing incredible stalactites and stalagmites that nature has been forming for millions of years. Your thrilling adventure starts with a short walk up through a spectacular cascade of roaring waterfalls. This bright scenery stays behind once reaching the caves, and an exciting one-kilometre underground expedition deep into the mountain begins.

    Currently, more than 14 km of caves have already been explored. However, a little over a kilometre of walkways are available for a group or a solo exploration.

    Good to know:

    • Getting there: St Beatus Caves are located in central Switzerland, in the Bernese Oberland region, overlooking Lake Thun.
    • It would take around 2 hours by public transportation from Zurich HB. Zurich HB – Thun by train. Thun – Beatushöhlen by bus #21.
    • Driving would take approx. 1h 45 min. There is a small parking lot along the road. Check the google maps below.

    Incredible, but nature finds the way to create life even in the darkest and deepest caves! Moss, algae and fish, to name a few, of the citizens of this underground biosystem.

    • Working hours: 13th of March – 24th of October 2021, daily, 9 am – 5 pm.
    • Tickets: Adults – CHF 18. With a Berner-Oberland Visitors Card – CHF 16. Children (6 – 16) – CHF 10. With a Berner-Oberland Visitors Card – CHF 9. Family Pass (parents or grandparents, max. 2 adults + children/grandchildren between 6 – 16) – CHF 49. Dogs – CHF 10.
    • Choose between a guided tour or a solo adventure. Guided tours depart approximately every 45 minutes and last around 75 minutes. Usually, it would take around one and a half hours to walk through the path without the guide. Though depending on the pace, it could take a bit longer.
    • In addition, there is a small but informative museum on the way to the caves. It provides interesting facts and details about this impressive natural wonder.
    • Also, photography and filming are allowed without using tripods.
    • Caves are not pushchair or wheelchair accessible.

    The temperature inside the caves remains between 8 and 10°C. So, it is good to have warm clothes and boots with you, even in summer.

    Exciting, impressive and adventurous! Certainly, visiting this unique place and discovering incredible rock formations carved by nature itself is a great adventure for the whole family.

    Finally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH.

    Be healthy and wealthy! :)

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