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    Potato Fritters

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    Potato FrittersPotato Fritters

    Potato Fritters are perfect for all potato-lovers, who knows all possible ways of cooking the potatoes, yet looking for some new recipes.

    In Ukraine, Russia and some other Eastern European countries people call this meal “Draniki”. It was one of my favourite dishes, when I was a kid.

    Since it’s not a low-on-calories dish, I suggest, not overplay with it. However, if you and your kids love potatoes and snacks (who doesn’t?:)), that would be a great alternative for the potato chips and the fast food.


    • Potatoes (medium size) – 6 pcs;
    • Onion – 1 pcs;
    • Eggs – 1 big or 2 small;
    • Flour – 2 tbsp;
    • Salt – pinch;
    • Pepper and garlic powder – to taste;
    • Olive oil – 2 tbsp.

    Cooking method:

    • Peel and wash the potatoes and the onion.
    • Grate the potatoes on the medium grater.
    • Grate the onion on the small grater or blend it in the food processor until a smooth puree.
    • In a big bowl mix together the potatoes, onion pure, eggs, flour, salt, pepper and the garlic powder.
    • Preheat a big pan with the olive oil on the medium heat.
    • Pour the potatoes mix into the pan using the tablespoon. You can form bigger or smaller fritters, depends what you like.
    • Fry the fritters until golden colour on one side. Flip over and cook until golden colour on the other side.
    • Serve with a sour cream or any other sauce of your choice.

    NB! The sour cream sauce on the photos: sour cream mixed with chopped fresh parsley, pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice.

    NB! The same recipe you may use for cooking fritters from other vegetables. For example, sometimes I like to use zucchini instead of potatoes.

    Enjoy your delicious potatoes fritters. You are always welcome to share your culinary experience in the comments below.

    Bon appetite!

    Be healthy and wealthy! :)

    Yuliia Caliskan
    Yuliia Caliskan
    As someone deeply immersed in the marketing and PR industry, my journey has led me to the Content and Publication Director position at MonAme Magazine. Our magazine is dedicated to promoting sustainable travel, culinary excellence, and an active lifestyle. During my earlier professional years, I had chosen to become a medical doctor specialising in Dermatology. Even today, I remain passionate about the latest advancements in dermatology and cosmetology. My professional path has also taken me to the role of Communications Manager at a medical NGO, where I found immense fulfilment in contributing to the community dedicated to improving the lives of people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. My diverse experiences fuel my motivation to make a positive impact and share inspiration for sustainable lifestyle.

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